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Skills Enhanced Trainings

Corporate training courses in various capacities


Public sector organizations are often perceived as resisting change. The introduction and use of appropriate change management strategies and methods is sometimes resisted due the difficulty of precise definition of their results and the uncertainty of their outcomes.

To many, change and capacity are distinct, but evidence suggests that they are intertwined. Hence, it is important to understand what aspects of the status quo can be changed so that capacity development can take place.
This course provides officials of government agencies the opportunity to learn how to utilize appropriate change management strategies and methods, in the light of various governments Transformation Agendas and globalization principles. It provides capacity building and development for officials to work with experts and introduces a highly flexible approach to result-based planning, budgeting and management.

Target Audience:

As a high level workshop for top management and key drivers of change, participants expected are heads of Federal, State and Local Government agencies, departments and councils; Directorate/Top Executive level personnel; senior and middle level administrators in strategic government agencies; Special Advisers.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa; Washington DC, USA