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Skills Enhanced Trainings

Corporate training courses in various capacities

Background Overview:

Many governments, institutions and stakeholders seek to deliver meaningful projects that successfully provide the basic needs to citizens while reducing poverty. Public institutions, NGOs and development practitioners are increasingly focusing their attention on strategies which build upon local knowledge, local skills and local resources.

Local Economic Development (LED) is a strategic partnership process developed for major stakeholders (government, civil society, NGOs. Trade Unions, private sector, etc.), to stimulate development and sustained growth in local communities, focusing on each community’s potentials; it identifies what stakeholders can do for the community to reach optimum productive capacity using comparative advantages and resources.

Target Audience:

Senior Local Government officials, Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Municipal Managers, Departmental Heads, Heads of Administration, Project Implementation Officials, Heads of Task Forces, Project Managers, LED Officers, Representatives of Legislatures and other persons whose functions are related to municipal planning, development and management, etc.

Location: Johannesburg & Pretoria, South Africa