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Skills Enhanced Trainings

Corporate training courses in various capacities

Background Overview:

Frequent censures of restructuring, re-engineering and service quality improvement programs often introduced by governments is the alarmingly low success rates they seem to have. Though inadequate top administrative support may often be responsible for most failures, a rather ever present stumbling block is the lack of comprehensive strategic planning, implementation and control mechanisms for these efforts.

Course Overview:

Information technology has been influential in reshaping the structure, operations, and processes of organizations. In the "digital age," IT has enabled economies to grow at extraordinary rates. As our world becomes more aware of the benefits from the advancement of computer and technology, analysts need to make use of various tools and techniques to accurately model organisation’s processes and subsequently develop appropriate designs to fulfill key objectives and deliver desired results.

Course Overview:

Successful and dynamic organizations are adapting to ever-changing trends. However, many still have a complex web of regulations, procedures, practices and societal issues that inhibit their abilities to respond to and benefit from new opportunities. Developing team leaders can involve the resolution of tough issues and the understanding of complex organizational dynamics, that require knowledge, skill, sensitivity, experience applied through good facilitation.

Background & Overview

Legislators are constituency representatives, law-makers and overseers of the executive branch of government. These responsibilities empower them to ensure that 'power belongs and remains with the people'. As politicians, they are ever busy and constantly engage in politics. It is generally imperative for them to engage the services of competent and very well-schooled Aides and Assistants to perform diverse duties and tasks on their behalf.