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Background & Overview

Legislators are constituency representatives, law-makers and overseers of the executive branch of government. These responsibilities empower them to ensure that 'power belongs and remains with the people'. As politicians, they are ever busy and constantly engage in politics. It is generally imperative for them to engage the services of competent and very well-schooled Aides and Assistants to perform diverse duties and tasks on their behalf.


The quality of motions and bills that legislators sponsor on the floor and the elegance of their crafting; the elevation and consistency of its language; grammar and the compliance of such motions and bills as well as their syntactical flows and/or structures are also important in careers of legislators. They are required to interpret technical reports by consultants on various aspects of the economy and society, without being deliberately misguided into taking unintended decisions. Many are saddled with diverse business and other engagements outside politics and also they devote quality time to these other tasks to provide resources to oil their political machinery.

Workshop Focus:

  • ❶Fundamentals of the role and functions of Legislative Aides
  • ❷Analyzing bills, preparing bill memoranda,
  • ❸Interacting with publics for effective representation
  • ❹Building coalitions among other interest and constituency groups
  • ❺Accessing information and conducting research on pending or proposed legislation
  • ❻Elements of oversight functions
  • ❽A comparative role of legislative aides in other countries.

Location: Dubai, UAE; Sao Paulo, Brazil