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Skills Enhanced Trainings

Corporate training courses in various capacities

Course Overview:

Information technology has been influential in reshaping the structure, operations, and processes of organizations. In the "digital age," IT has enabled economies to grow at extraordinary rates. As our world becomes more aware of the benefits from the advancement of computer and technology, analysts need to make use of various tools and techniques to accurately model organisation’s processes and subsequently develop appropriate designs to fulfill key objectives and deliver desired results.


In order to design successful systems, it is critical first to understand an organisation’s strategic operations and focus. The success of ICT systems in organisations depends upon them fulfilling needs and this can only be achieved if these needs are identified and clearly understood.

Overall Course Outcomes:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to identify different sources of information with a special focus on internet accessible resources, tools to organize a research process, interpret ethical issues such as plagiarism and copyright and evaluate the sources of information. It would help the IT team meet and exceed organizational requirements; understand what it takes to excel as IT professionals; acquire budgeting, forecasting and scheduling skills; recognize the benchmarks and framework of management positions in IT departments; learn concepts, processes and documentation necessary for superior managerial performance;

Who Should Attend?

IT Managers, infrastructure managers, database administrators and IT architects; Business Analysts, System Analysts, Project Managers, System Administrators, Developers, System Engineers, Project Engineers, IT Technicians and Engineers.

Location: Durban, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya