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Skills Enhanced Trainings

Corporate training courses in various capacities

Background Overview:

Frequent censures of restructuring, re-engineering and service quality improvement programs often introduced by governments is the alarmingly low success rates they seem to have. Though inadequate top administrative support may often be responsible for most failures, a rather ever present stumbling block is the lack of comprehensive strategic planning, implementation and control mechanisms for these efforts.


Strategic planning is a management technique that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, the challenges and opportunities facing it; its vision of the future and how to achieve this vision. It focuses on an organization's long-term goal, assesses its capabilities to achieve that goal and examines resources available and the environmental factors that may affect the organization and then carefully, articulates and develops a sequence of actions to achieve the goal.

Key Objectives:

Participants would learn to efficiently:

  • ❶Develop organization’s vision and mission
  • ❷Diffrentiate between strategic and business planning
  • ❸Identify critical success factors
  • ❹Perform situation audit
  • ❺Develop strategic objectives
  • ❻Translate strategic plans into desired actions
  • ❼Perform medium-range functional programming and create contingency plans
  • ❽Make decisions that are inclusive and timely Think thorough and creatively from a systems perspective that considers the interconnected nature of complex environments.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa; Sao Paulo, Brazil