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When it comes to serving you, we are 100% committed to delivering at full potentials. We leave nothing to chance and could stop at nothing to guarantee your comfort. We understand that the success of our clients is basically a matter of our collective and quality services. Below is how we are serving you:


As a corporate travel management company, we have evolved to specialized travel solutions and with our global presence and consummate team of experts we make provide seamless travel to our clients.


Our dedicated and professional team works closely with clients to plan and organize events, delivering the desired results and customer satisfaction.

Venue Selection

Putting years of corporate experience to work, CGSK in consultation with client representatives, will arrange for venues that most appropriately matches both the requirements of clients and convenience of attendees.

Information Desk

Throughout the period of the event, CGSK will set up information desks to provide the necessary information and to support attendees.


With CGSK, there is no need to worry about creating shuttle bus schedules and routes from the event venue and airport to accommodation venues, excursions and technical tour sites, cultural experiences, pre/post event tours. Our ground staff ensures the safe and smooth movement of attendees throughout the period.

Networking Events

From welcome, networking and farewell events to corporate events and dinners, CGSK assists clients with the planning, arrangement, and management including the selection of venue, ideas, concepts, and the direction of the party on site.

Meet & Greeting Services

CGSK offers meet and greet services upon arrival at the airport or at hotel which greatly provide safety, convenience and hospitality to the participants.

VIP Services

We properly provide attentive care to your VIPs as well as management of their schedule.