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We answer all your study abroad questions like: where is the best place for me to study abroad? Which courses are available? What is the requirement for my chosen institution? How do I get Visa? what is the visa requirement? what are the tuition fees for the available institutions? What time of the year are is my program starting? Are there scholarships available? Do my school offer scholarship for outstanding students?


CGSK counsel on all you need to know on study abroad - everything from advice on choosing a study destination, to guidance on applying for scholarships, and useful information for international students.

Regardless of whether you are going for Masters, Bsc. PhD. or other degrees, CGSK provides you with all the necessary information you need to make your study abroad dream a reality. By contacting us or visiting our office, you are guaranteed to have all your questions on studying abroad and why study aboard either in Europe, Asia, America, Africa etc. answered.

Studying abroad is a process that requires careful research and analysis. Your decision to study in a particular country as an international student follows a procedure that will determine your academic success. To study abroad, international students are placed in a completely new culture that is different from theirs and are expected to adapt. Most institutions abroad offer courses in foreign languages; International students are therefore required to take a language program some times a one year language program before proceeding with there chosen courseof study.

In most cases, applications procedures, tuition fees and scholarship information is provided by the institution. However, there are general requirements for studying abroad which we have carefully analysed in this website. Remember that countries policies differ but here we try as much as possible to generalize the requirements in totality so that students have a clue on how to get started.