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It's all about right Information from the right source.

Get to study in some of the best institutions around the World; Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa etc. Studying abroad is a life-changing adventure. Many universities and colleges abroad offer scholarships to outstanding students in their respective fields which in return acts as an advantage to the students. At CGSK, we offer you the best choices as to which institution is the best for your chosen course and which part of the world best suites your proposed field of study. We represent some of the best institutions and bring to you some of the most current offers available at the institutions.


Our institutions offer courses in Engineering, Mathematics, physics, Arts and Social Sciences, Medicine, law, Business Administration etc. and the programs include Bsc., Masters, PhD and other college degrees.

We provide study guide for all the listed courses and programs, visa information, tuition fees information, studying abroad requirements and other criteria.

If you chose to study abroad, simply contact us or visit our office for information and counselling on all you need about studying abroad and why you should go to here you had really dream of.